Even with the pressures of hosting family, scrambling to find the most perfect Holiday gift and planning a decadent Christmas dinner, the holiday season can be a time of zen. The weather is cooling down, there’s snow falling from the sky and nothing is more inviting than roasting chestnuts on an open fire, while binging your most recent tv obsession.

60% of households in America are already reaping the benefits of cutting cable to enjoy the low price point of Connected TV. Amongst those 60%, is a hefty portion of millennials who prioritize their spending as they see fit to their lifestyle. According to 10th Degree, “millennials are a full 67% more likely to be in a CTV-only house, and 25% report that they don’t have pay-TV.” Whether it’s not seeing the value in linear TV, not wanting to waste time on traditional commercial ads or anything else, millennials were the trend setters in the Connected TV craze and make up a substantial amount of CTV’s user base.

What does this mean for connecting with this technologically savvy and financially frivolous generation?

Enter Connected TV advertising.

Streaming platforms like Hulu, Roku and more give you the opportunity to take advantage of this most binge-worthy time of year to connect with your customers, specifically those millennials who will be blowing big bucks to complete their holiday shopping this year. In fact, millennials with an annual base income of 70K or more will spend $2,021 this holiday season, while those under 70k will spend about $839, on holiday season gifts, travel and entertainment. 92% of millennials acknowledge the fact that their 2018 spending will increase from last year’s, stated in a recent Holiday Outlook study by pwc.com.

Right audience, right time, right content. Isn’t that what digital marketing is all about? If you need a holiday helper to walk in a winter wonderland of CTV ads, connect with us.