As a marketer, you’re already planning 2020. But this year is not like others. If you are not a political advertiser, you should be evaluating your media plan for the coming year.

One thing is for certain – the 2020 political season will set records.

An estimated $6.55 BILLION will be spent on 2020 political advertising, a 50% increase from 2016*

Candidates and super PACS will overwhelm the airways by allocating the majority of advertising to traditional broadcast and cable TV, an estimated 47% and 14%, respectively. In 2016, 43% of local news spots went to political ads according to Kantar Media.

And other advertisers are at a disadvantage by design. The FCC rules and regulations incentivize political advertising by requiring that federal seats have reasonable access, equal airtime and lowest unit rate.

In short, if you buy broadcast, here’s how you’ll likely be impacted in 2020:

  • Limited inventory. Add in local elections and super PAC advertising and advertisers in all industries will feel the squeeze.
  • Premium prices. High demand, low inventory drives premiums.
  • Preempted spots. A spot booked in advance gets ‘bumped’ for a higher priced advertiser.

Rethink your media solutions in order to maximize every dollar.

Luckily in this digital age, not only are there countless options to shift ad dollars, this is an opportunity to analyze and evaluate your audience with detailed analytics and tracking. These are some ways we’ve helped clients reallocate their TV spending:

  • Shift focus to a multi-channel marketing partnership versus a commodotized media transaction
  • Implement audience targeting strategies in ways that broadcast TV cannot

Targeted digital solutions – video (pre-roll & CTV), high impact takeovers, display, social media and email may be your key to standing out in this crowded political season.

Now is the time to sit down with a knowledgeable media strategist to review your 2020 plan in order to reallocate those broadcast dollars in ways that are more effective!

For a media review, contact Shawn Jen Hyatt, Tribune Publishing, Director of Premium Accounts.

*Sources: BIA Advisory Services, FCC, Kantar Media