Back in August, as seniors were staring down the commencement of their final year in high school, no one would have predicted what lay ahead for  schools along with the rest of the world at large.  But as we approach the de facto end of the school year we now find ourselves in a completely unique predicament.  Schools are closed; teaching has for the most part been remote for several months; and pupils have had little human contact with their teachers or peers in that time. All this of course has been incredibly tough for everyone concerned, but it comes into singular focus for high school seniors now that we have reached graduation season.

Traditional graduation ceremonies are of course loud, boisterous events with seniors and their families packed shoulder to shoulder to celebrate their achievement.  Sadly none of this will be possible this year in the face of COVID-19. However, in spite of the hurdles imposed by the virus and the state health guidelines, school administrations are still determined to give their graduates a commencement to remember virtually or through other means.

In order to show our support, Baltimore Sun Media is hosting High School Senior Recognition Week where we will celebrate our local Class of 2020. 

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