Over the last few weeks, the public has grown increasingly concerned about COVID-19. Colleges and Universities are closed and individuals are being urged to self-isolate. As  businesses in retail, service and restaurant industry close, there has been a significant increase in unemployment claims, which are expected to grow.

During this time of uncertainty, many people are looking for distance learning solutions to help them advance their career.

Baltimore Sun Media can help you drive awareness and connect with potential students about your distant education solutions with an omnichannel campaign.

Connect with prospects as they are actively engaging with COVID-19 news and are searching for information during the pandemic.


  • 20 million students enrolled in higher education
  • 35% of these students attend two-year programs
  • 1 million take classes through for-profit higher education
  • programs
  • 448,725 Baltimore residents are looking for a new career
  • 20% of Baltimore service workers attend distance education classes

Source: Mintel Reports ATTITUDES TOWARD HIGHER EDUCATION, US – DECEMBER 2019; Scarborough Market/Release: Baltimore, MD 2019 Release 2 Total (Jul 2018 – Sep 2019)




Awareness Package

  • 100% SOV leaderboard and top cube placements including mobile. Rich media optional with additional cost (this front page is starting to avg 2K PVs/per day)
  • 250K Run-of-section impressions
  • 100% sponsorship of the Breaking News announcements. 50K subscribers receive multiple news alerts a day

Premium Package

Includes the Awareness package plus:

  • Homepage Takeover (1-week)
  • 150K Programmatic Display Impressions (geo and behavioral targeted)
  • 100K email blast to targeted audience (e.g., demo profiles, geotargeting and behavioral interest)

Branded Content Package

  • (1) Written Article or Listicles
  • 150,000 Native Impressions (geo and behavioral targeted)


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