It’s important to stay relevant during the rapidly changing COVID-19 crisis here in the Baltimore area. Here are 10 proactive local marketing approaches that are trending now. 

Adapt your current messaging to align with the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure your messaging acknowledges the current global crisis and aligns with the latest measures being put in place locally here in Maryland. Ensure you are showing compassion to consumers. (Nothing is worse than appearing tone deaf to your clients.) In fact, in a recent Kantar survey, 70% of respondents said brands should adopt a more “reassuring” tone.

Try a new platform to connect with your clients. If you always use email, try social media. Or if your business usually spreads its message through social media platforms, try to reach out via email. Switching up your messaging platform is an easy way to capture a new type of client.

Think contribution, not conversion. Sure, business owners always want to gain new clients, but this scary time is a great opportunity to consider how you can give back, as well. Studies show that consumers are leaning toward companies that are helping others. Showing your compassionate side by giving back a portion of proceeds or donating to a local organization can help you gain kudos and clients.

Offer a special promotion. Even if your business doesn’t usually offer discounts, now is a smart time to offer a great deal or promotion. Most people are money-conscious right now and will take advantage of a good deal. Hyperlocal marketing is a great way to spread your message.

Consider branded content. More people than ever before are getting their news online, so why not advertise on digital platforms with branded content like video, articles, listicles and infographics? It’s a chance to tell your story in the way you can control.

See if CTV could be right for your business. Consumers are watching more TV than ever before. Connected TV (CTV) could be a great option. For example, if you have a commercial that typically runs on normal TV or even in online platforms, it can also be used on platforms like Hulu, Roku and any other TV apps that run ads during shows.

Make sure your business can be found online. Now you have extra time to work on that website you have been putting off. It’s a great chance to make a fresh new site. Remember, it’s key to have an SEM team helping you out, so you get the right clicks.

See if an e-commerce platform is right for you. Whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar retail store, a restaurant, a health-related company (like a chiropractor or masseuse) or even a law office, why not research whether there are any e-commerce products you can offer? Many Baltimore area businesses are pivoting to e-commerce right now. Not only do you keep your name in front of clients, you’ll potentially create a new revenue stream that will continue once this crisis is over.

Work smart to retain your existing customer base. Sure, it’s a great time for new ideas, but it’s important to make sure your current clients are happy. Reach out in a way that best reflects your business just to make sure everyone is okay in this crazy time.

Create your plan for when this crisis is over. Build a plan for how your business will come out of the crisis stronger than before. Research what other successful companies have been doing and watch the numbers to see how it plays out. After all, the world is going to be a different place once this is all over.